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Access the order process

A simple and fast interface, accessible via the "Order" button

What information is required to create my client area?
Title, first name, last name, email address, country, phone number
What if I do not receive my account activation email?
First of all, make sure the email is not in your SPAM folder. If it is not listed, contact our customer service on +33 9 72 45 52 39; open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm.
Still unable to login?
Our customer service is at your disposal on +33 9 72 45 52 39; open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Send a plan or a simple photo of the spaces to be enhanced

Choose the offer corresponding to your needs or media at your disposal (plan or photos).

Which offer should I choose?
The 3D Visual offer based on a photo only (without any necessary measures) is simpler and faster. You will receive a 3D visual created in perfect superposition with the photo sent. However, this offer does not allow for the removal of partitions.
The 3D Virtual Tour offer based on a dimensioned plan (optional for off-plan housing) and photos allows you to modify the layout of the rooms and receive more 3D views.
Is it possible to delete a partition?
Exclusively through the 3D Virtual Tour offer from a quoted plan (optional for off-plan housing) and photos. This information should appear on your plan.
Which formats are accepted?
For the « 3D Visual » offer based on photo (s):
- .JPG / JPEG or .PNG format
- Photo smartphone: YES
- Photo of a professional camera: YES
- Wide angle photo: YES
- Panoramic or distorted photo: NO
« Virtual 3D visit » offer:
- Map with dimensions: .JPG / JPEG or .PDF format
- Pictures: All formats are accepted
How do I choose the right photo?
We advise you to position yourself in one corner of the room so that the photo covers the maximum room surface

Choose a decoration style

Select the decor atmosphere you prefer from a wide selection of decorating styles and answer a few questions to refine your project.

How do I choose my style?
Several moods will be proposed. You simply have to select the preferred one or select "I trust my decorator".
Is it possible to leave the choice to my decorator?
You have the choice to let your decorator choose the decor that they feel is most suitable. They will then reveal the potential of the property through an attractive, modern and depersonalized decoration setup.
How do I specify my additional requests?
In a free field provided for this purpose, we advise you to fill in the necessary information to guide your decorator regarding your expectations or constraints for them to take into account. Some examples:
- Add non-visible information to the photo/plan that can help your decorator optimize the room layout
- Number of residents, information on the target buyers (socio-professional category, age), function(s) of the room, possible space separation, etc.

Your project is carried out by an interior designer

1 to 5 days later (depending on the chosen offer), you will receive your project by email to include in your ad and present during visits!

How do I find my project?
All your projects are kept in your client area at www.rhinov.pro. You can download 3D visuals of your projects, view them and share them with your customers via smartphone, tablet or computer.
What will I receive?
See Our offers page
How do I integrate my project into my ad?
From your client area, upload your project visual(s) and embed it/them in your ad's main photo to generate more clicks and inbound contacts. Specify in the description of your ad that you have integrated a 3D decoration proposal.
How do I share my project on social networks?
Share 3D visuals on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. A great source of visibility and contact via your social networks!
How do I present my project on a visit?
Present the project to be visited from your smartphone or even better, with a tablet, and enchant your clients.
You also have the option to send (before or after the visit) the complete project using the sharing feature.

Boost the appeal of your property and your ad!

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